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  • Cover image for Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research
  • Cover image for Maintaining Three Languages
  • Cover image for Cognate Vocabulary in Language Acquisition and Use
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The Acquisition of French in Multilingual Contexts

Edited by: Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, Katrin Schmitz, Natascha Müller | Hardback | 9781783094523

This volume brings together new research from different theoretical paradigms addressing the acquisition of French. It focuses on the acquisition of French in combination with English, German, Russian or Spanish and enriches our understanding of the particularities of French and the role of language combinations in the acquisition process.…

Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research

Author: Matthew T. Prior | Paperback | 9781783094424

This book examines the interactional management of emotionality in second language autobiographical interview research. Advancing a discursive constructionist approach, it offers a timely methodological and reflexive perspective that brings into focus the dynamic and dilemmatic aspects of interviewee and interviewer identities and experiences, and …

Maintaining Three Languages The Teenage Years

Author: Xiao-lei Wang | Paperback | 9781783094479

The teenage years are a fascinating time in the life of any family, but what happens when the challenges of parenting teenagers are combined with the desire to help your children build on their multilingual abilities? In this follow-up to Growing up with Three Languages: Birth to Eleven, Xiao-lei Wang offers a unique insight into the dynamics of a …

Cognate Vocabulary in Language Acquisition and Use Attitudes, Awareness, Activation

Author: Agnieszka Otwinowska | Paperback | 9781783094370

This book brings together linguistic, psycholinguistic and educational perspectives on the phenomenon of cognate vocabulary across languages. It presents a large-scale, long-term research project focusing on Polish-English cognates and their use by bilingual and multilingual learners/users of English.…

New Perspectives on Transfer in Second Language Learning

Edited by: Liming Yu, Terence Odlin | Paperback | 9781783094325

When people attempt to learn a new language, the language(s) they already know can help but also hinder their understanding or production of new forms. This phenomenon, known as language transfer, is the focus of this book.…

Learning Chinese as a Heritage Language An Australian Perspective

Author: Guanglun Michael Mu | Hardback | 9781783094288

This book explores the fascinating topic of heritage language learning, looking in particular at Chinese Australians' learning of Chinese. The author studies the investment, challenges and benefits of heritage language learning across varied contexts including school, work, home and in the community.…

Adult Learning in the Language Classroom

Author: Stacey Margarita Johnson | Paperback | 9781783094158

This book explores connections between the fields of foreign/second language teaching and adult learning. This interdisciplinary approach serves as a framework in order to: (a) understand the teaching methods that promote the deeper, more critical sort of language learning advocated by scholars and professional organizations, (b) understand how adu…

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An Interview with Xiao-lei Wang, author of Maintaining Three Languages

This month we published Maintaining Three Languages by Xiao-lei Wang which explores her experience of bringing up teenagers multilingually. We asked Xiao-lei a few questions about her book. What makes your book different from others that have been published before? There are numerous ways in which my new book differs from other books currently on the market. Due to space limit, I […]

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