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  • Jacket image for Language Learning Environments
  • Jacket image for Young Children's Foreign Language Anxiety
  • Jacket image for (M)othering Labeled Children
  • Jacket image for Sociocultural and Power-Relational Dimensions of Multilingual Writing
  • Jacket image for Ethical and Methodological Issues in Researching Young Language Learners in School Contexts
  • Jacket image for Language Teacher Noticing in Tasks
  • Jacket image for Assessment for Learning in Primary Language Learning and Teaching
  • Jacket image for Language, Learning, and Disability in the Education of Young Bilingual Children
  • Jacket image for Preparing Teachers to Work with Multilingual Learners
  • Jacket image for A History of Bilingual Education in the US

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Tourination: The Ruination By, Of and With Tourism

We recently published The Impact of Tourism in East Africa by Anne Storch and Angelika Mietzner. In this post the authors explain the concept of ‘Tourination’. Beaches are problematic spaces. They are the porous sites of uncertain encounters, of contact between humans and spirits, firm ground and uncertainty. In many parts of the world, they … Continue reading Tourination: The Ruination By, Of and With Tourism

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