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Ask the Authors, Live!

Date: Monday 23 November 2020
Time: 8am Nova Scotia / 12pm UK / 1pm Austria / 3pm Saudi Arabia / 9pm Japan and in your equivalent local time

A discussion between series editors Sarah Mercer and Stephen Ryan and authors Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Peter D. MacIntyre and Christine Muir about publishing their books with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

To attend this free event, all you need to do is register here.

For those who can't join live, the event will be recorded so you can watch afterwards.

Previous Events
20th October 2020: Ask the Authors, Live! Rebecca L. Oxford, María Matilde Olivero, Melinda Harrison and Tammy Gregersen speak about their new book, "Peacebuilding in Language Education". Includes audience questions throughout. The recording of the event can be viewed here

19th August 2020: Ask the Authors, Live! featuring series editors Nancy H. Hornberger, Wayne E. Wright and some of the authors in their Bilingual Education and Bilingualism series: Maria R. Coady, Kimberly Adilia Helmer, Deborah K. Palmer and Kathryn I. Henderson. Includes audience questions at the end. The recording of the event can be viewed here.