Sustainable Tourism in Southern Africa: Local Communities and Natural Resources in Transition

Edited by: Jarkko Saarinen, Fritz O. Becker, Haretsebe Manwa, Deon Wilson

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Tourism has become a major economic agent and an important social and cultural element in contemporary southern Africa. As such, tourism has a wide range of impacts on environment, economy, cultures, and the everyday life of people. These processes have highlighted the role of sustainability in tourism development.This book represents an accessible examination of the connections between tourism and sustainability in southern Africa. It introduces connections between tourism, sustainability and development with a range of case studies and examples from the region. While the book and the individual chapters are emphasising the key role of tourism in the transition processes of local communities and environments, the social, cultural, economic and political contexts of tourism and communities are also highlighted.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the role tourism plays in the often difficult processes of transition for natural resource dependent communities. A wealth of case studies analyse the socio-spatial contexts that shape the outcomes of tourism development policy in the SADC region. It is a joy to be acquainted with these very specific contexts - and the selection of authors alone needs to be loudly applauded given that we generally hear the Southern African story from researchers located in the 'North'.

Dorothea Meyer, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

The strength of this book is in its involvement of local researchers in the southern African region itself. The international collaboration has provided a wider audience for their work, and I think this book will encourage other international researchers to seek them out for future collaborations. Jarkko Saarinen is to be commended for his initiative.

Jarkko Saarinen is Professor at University of Oulu in Finland and University of Johannesburg, South Africa. His research interests include tourism and development, sustainability and tourism-community relations.

Fritz Becker is a Professor of Geography at the national University of Namibia in Windhoek, Namibia.

Haretsebe Manwa is Associate Professor at North-West University, South Africa. Her research encompasses tourism and poverty alleviation, wildlife tourism, community-based tourism and cultural tourism.

Deon Wilson is an Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism Management, University of Pretoria, South Africa.


Introduction and Contexts

1 Introduction: Call for Sustainability - Jarkko Saarinen, Haretsebe Manwa, Deon Wilson and Fritz Becker

2 Tourism Development in Southern Africa: Patterns, Issues and Constraints - Chris Rogerson

3 Tourism Policy and Politics in Southern Africa - C Michael Hall

4 Gender and tourism in Southern Africa - Haretsebe Manwa

5 Sustainable Tourism: Perspectives to Sustainability in Tourism - Jarkko Saarinen

PART II Tourism development and local policies of sustainability

6 Tourism, Conservation Areas and Local Development in Namibia - Spatial Perspectives of Private and Public Sector Reform - Fritz Becker

7 Nature-based Tourism and the Commercialization of National Parks - David Mabunda and Deon Wilson

8 Natural Resource Based Tourism and Wildlife Policies in Botswana - Julius Atlhopneng & Kutlwano Mulale

9 Tourism, Nature Conservation and Environmental Legislation in Namibia - Susanne Scholz

10 Transfrontier Conservation and Local Communities - Maano Ramutsindela

PART III Tourism, Local Communities and Natural Resources in Transition

11 Village-based Tourism and Community Participation: a Case Study of the Matsheng Villages in Southwest Botswana - Naomi Moswete, Brijesh Thapa and Gary Lacey

12 Socioeconomic Impacts of Tou rism in Okavango - Joseph Mbaiwa and Michael B.K. Darkoh

13 Sustainable Tourism on Commonages: An Alternative to Traditional Agricultural-based Land Reform in Namaqualand, South Africa - Sharmla Govender van Wyk and Deon Wilson

14 Local Cuisine, Tourism and Culture - Gerrie du Rand and Ernie Heath 15 Conclusions and Critical Issues in Tourism and Sustainability in Southern Africa - Jarkko Saarinen

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