Best Practice in Accessible Tourism: Inclusion, Disability, Ageing Population and Tourism

Edited by: Dimitrios Buhalis, Simon Darcy, Ivor Ambrose

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This volume presents an international selection of invited contributions on policy and best practice in accessible tourism, reflecting current practices across a range of destinations and business settings. It brings together global expertise in planning, design and management to inform and stimulate providers of travel, transport, accommodation, leisure and tourism services to serve guests with disabilities, seniors and the wider markets that require good accessibility. Accessible tourism is not only about providing access to people with disabilities but also addresses the creation of universally designed environments, services and information that can support people who may have temporary disabilities, families with young children, the ever-increasing ageing population, as well as creating safer work places for employees. The book gives ample evidence that accessible tourism organisations and destinations can expand their target markets as well as improve the quality of their service offering, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and expansion of business.

In 25 chapters, Best Practice in Accessible Tourism provides a 'state-of-the-art' assessment of both theory and practice. This book establishes a new field of study and provides the benchmark against which other contributions will be judged. It integrates the work of all the key players and should be read by academics, managers and government policy makers.

The editors have assembled an excellent compilation of thought provoking, cutting edge international chapters on best practice in accessible tourism. The text provides important insights into current practices and policies, but also critically reflects on what more needs to be done. This timely work is a must read for practitioners, policy makers and academics.

The book makes a valuable contribution to a paradigm shift from extraordinary/special considerations for people with disability to inclusive citizenship for all. Best Practice in Accessible Tourism challenges the portrayal of people with disability as a burden and demonstrates with evidence the growing market potential of people with disability and the ageing.

University Newsroom, 4th June 2012

Overall this pioneering, interesting collection and detailed discussion of Accessible Tourism best-cases and shortcomings in many destinations is a must-read for tourism policy makers and consultants at the international, national and local levels, and, one hopes, that quality tourism practitioners in the ecotourism sector will also take an interest.

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This book, together with its preceding partner volume, makes a worthy contribution to the consolidation of an accessible base of knowledge on this important topic. It will be relevant as a broad introduction to the field for students, as well as providing inroads into the existing body of research and practice in accessible tourism. This book will be of value as a structured critical overview of current practice for tourism researchers, while also providing practical insights for those involved in the design and management of tourism attractions and facilities, and the formulation and implementation of tourism policy.

Current Issues in Tourism (2013)

This volume contains a range of productive and worthwhile contributions…It is anticipated that the book will appeal to professionals and tourism providers addition to students, academics, and researchers.

Annals of Leisure Research, 2013

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis is a Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in Technology and Tourism at Bournemouth University. Professor Buhalis is leading eTourism research and he is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and the President of the International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism (IFITT).

Dr Simon Darcy is an Associate Professor and Research Director in the School of Leisure, Sport and Tourism at the University of Technology, Sydney. Simon's research and teaching expertise is in sport, tourism and diversity management. He currently holds research grants investigating organisational responses to accessible tourism, sports management practices and protected area visitor management systems.

Ivor Ambrose is the Managing Director and co-founder of ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism. He has worked for over 30 years as a researcher, project manager, development and policy advisor in the fields of building design and evaluation, public housing, accessibility and assistive technologies for disabled and elderly people, accessible tourism and information systems.

1. Ivor Ambrose, Simon Darcy and Dimitrios Buhalis: Introduction

2. Ivor Ambrose: European Policies for Accessible Tourism

3. Pieter Ghijsels: Accessible Tourism in Flanders: Policy Support and Incentives

4. Peter Neumann: Accessible Tourism for All in Germany – A Case Study

5. Nikos Voulgaropoulos, Eleni Strati and Georgia Fyka: Accessible Tourism in Greece: Beaches and Bathing for All

6. Laurel Van Horn: The United States: Travelers with Disabilities

7. Simon Darcy, Bruce Cameron and Stephen Schweinsberg: Accessible Tourism in Australia

8. Sandra Rhodda: Accessible Tourism in New Zealand

9. Mike Prescott: Universal Tourism Networks

10. Huong Le, Yuka Fujimoto, Ruth Rentschler and David Edwards: Tourism Victoria, Australia – An Integrative Model of Inclusive Tourism for People with Disabilities

11. Lilian Muller: Accessible Tourism in Sweden – Experiences – Stakeholder Marketing

12. Philippa Hunter-Jones and Anthony Thornton: The Third Sector Responses to Accessible/Disability Tourism

13. Caroline Walsh, Janet Haddock-Fraser and Mark P. Hampton: Accessible Dive Tourism

14. Andrew Wright: Tour Operating for the Less Mobile Traveller

15. Simon Darcy and Ravi Ravinder: Air Travel for People with Disabilities

16. Roland Krpata: Accessible Public Transport: Vienna City Tourism

17. Katerina Papamichail: Accessible Hotels: Design Essentials

18. Bruce Cameron and Simon Darcy: Wheelchair Travel Guides

19. Shane Pegg and Norma Stumbo: Accessing Desired Heritage Tourism Services

20. Bodil Sandøy: Norway VisitOslo: Supporting Accessible Tourism Content within Destination Tourism Marketing

21. Jesús Hernández Galán: Accessible Tourism in Spain: Arona and Madrid

22. Andrew Daines and Chris Veitch: VisitBritain: Leading the World to Britain

23. Tracey J. Dickson and Simon Darcy: Australia: The Alpine Accessible Tourism Project and Disabled Wintersport

24. Susana Navarro García-Caro, Arno de Waal and Dimitrios Buhalis: Special Needs Customer Care Training for Tourism

25. Ivor Ambrose, Dimitrios Buhalis, Simon Darcy: Conclusions: Best Accessible Tourism Practice

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