European Tourism Planning and Organisation Systems: The EU Member States

Edited by: Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik, Dimitrios Buhalis

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This book provides a systematic, country-by-country analysis of tourism policy, planning and organisation in the EU. Its main objective is to explore 21st century policy responses to the global challenges shaping tourism planning and organisation systems in the EU. The book offers a new critical approach to comparative policy analysis of EU member states and focuses on six key themes: territory, actors and structures, economics, policy, methods and techniques and vision. The book is designed primarily for undergraduate and postgraduate tourism students and researchers. The book will also be useful for industry practitioners who would like to engage in the theoretical principles and the conceptualisation of planning and organisation systems.

In this 'must have' volume, Costa, Panyik and Buhalis lay down the challenges for European tourism planning and organisation in the coming years and provide us with the inspiration to tackle them in concrete and creative ways. This is an excellent compendium of European tourism planning approaches that is a useful reference for anyone's book shelf.

In providing an introduction to tourism and to the policy, planning and organisation structures of each of the 27 member states of the European Union, this is an essential work of reference for anyone wanting to understand European Tourism. It provides an important starting point for scholars, students and practitioners.

This book is a welcomed addition to the academic field and caters for the increasing attention on the tourism in EU. This book can be read as a valuable resource for diverse audiences to raise knowledge and expand scopes on European tourism. As the editors state at the end, the book is an excellent indication of European tourism planning and organisations for both undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in knowing more about tourism planning in Europe. Meanwhile, it also appeals to academics, researchers and tourism practitioners wishing to engage in the theoretical principles and the conceptualisation of planning and organisation systems.this book is an excellent work of European tourism studies and is definitely worthwhile to concern.

European Journal of Tourism Research (2015), 10, 142-144

Carlos Costa is Full Professor at the University of Aveiro and Editor of the Journal of Tourism & Development (Revista de Turismo e Desenvolvimento). His main research interests are tourism planning and management, organisations, networks, gender in tourism and tourism education.

Emese Panyik is Assistant Professor of Tourism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), Braga Regional Centre. Her research interests include strategic tourism planning and management, rural governance, EU tourism policy, local policymaking and partnerships and host community impacts of tourism.

Dimitrios Buhalis is Professor of eTourism and Director of eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University. His research focuses on strategic management and marketing, tourism marketing, technology and eTourism.

1. Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik and Dimitrios Buhalis: A Comparative Approach to European Tourism Planning and Organisation Systems: An Introduction


2. Janne J Liburd and Peter Saabye Simonsen: Tourism in Denmark – from Ugly Duckling to Our Journey

3. Steven Richards and Keith Wilkes: Tourism in England: London 2012 Olympic Games and Beyond

4. Seppo K. Aho: Finland Tourism Policies – From Helping to Build New State Identities to Branding a Modern Specific Destination

5. Denis Harrington, Anthony Foley and Tony Lenehan: Tourism Research, Policy and Practice in Ireland – Current Developments and Future Research Trajectories

6. Tommy D. Andersson: Tourism in Sweden - Between a Social Project and Business Development


7. Stanislav Ivanov and Miroslava Dimitrova: Managing Tourism in Bulgaria: Between 'Mission Impossible' and New Hope

8. Heli Tooman and Heli Müristaja: Developing Estonia as a Positively Surprising Tourist Destination

9. Iveta Druva-Druvaskalne and Agita Līviņa: Tourism in Latvia: From Fragmented Resorts of Russian Empire to a National Brand on International Level

10. Ausrine Armaitiene and Renata Bertuzyte: Tourism Policy in Lithuania: Management of Permanent Transition

11. Rodica Manuela Gogonea and Marian Zaharia: Tourism in Romania: From Centralized to Private Initiative, a Growth Path


12. Roman Egger, Jutta Novak and Werner Taurer: Austria: Where Tourism has Tradition

13. Jarmila Indrová and Zdenka Petrů: The Czech Republic – Destination in the Heart of Europe

14. Judith Jochmann and Harald Pechlaner: Germany Tourism: Evolution, Structures, Challenges and Perspectives

15. Emese Panyik and Tamara Rátz: Tourism Policy in Hungary: From Central Planning to Multi-level Destination Management

16. Grzegorz Gołembski and Agnieszka Niezgoda: Organization of Tourism in Poland after Twenty Years of Systematic Changes

17. Jana Kučerová and Tomáš Makovník: Tourism in Slovakia: "The Best Kept Secret in Europe"


18. Alexis Saveriades: Strategic Planning in National Tourism Organisations: The Case of Cyprus

19. Paris Tsartas, Andreas Papatheodorou and Magdalini Vasileiou: Tourism Development and Policy in Greece

20. Mara Manente and Valeria Minghetti: Tourism in Italy: "Work in Progress"

21. Heidi Pantzar and Emese Panyik: Tourism in Malta: From the Knights of St. John's to an Independent State

22. Carlos Costa and Armando Luís Vieira: Tourism Planning and Organisation in Portugal

23. Sonja Sibila Lebe: From Cheap Destination Image to Sophisticated Offer

24. Josep A. Ivars Baidal: Spain: From the Mass Model to a New Tourism Economy


25. Anya Diekmann, Jeroen Bryon and Isabelle Cloquet: Explaining Tourism Governance in Belgium: Quite a Balancing Act

26. Vincent Vlès, Emmanuelle Marcelpoil and Isabelle Frochot: Strengths and Paradoxes of French Tourism Planning

27. Alan Clarke: Luxembourg: Quality is Key

28. Jaap Lengkeek: Behind Windmills and Flower Bulbs: Tourism Policies in the Netherlands

29. Carlos Costa, Emese Panyik and Dimitrios Buhalis: Towards an Emerging Planning and Organisational Framework: Conclusions

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