Railway Heritage and Tourism: Global Perspectives

Edited by: Michael V. Conlin, Geoffrey R. Bird

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This is the first book of its kind to examine railway heritage in the context of tourism in a comprehensive, internationally relevant manner. It explores the challenges faced by developers and operators of railway heritage destinations including financial, legal and managerial sustainability in the modern tourism industry. These themes are exemplified by a variety of case studies of railway heritage in tourism from regions around the world including North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Australasia. The volume will be of particular interest to scholars of cultural tourism as well as researchers and practitioners of industrial heritage tourism, along with graduate and senior undergraduate students.

Railway Heritage and Tourism provides a great resource for understanding the importance
of railway heritage and its importance to tourism development in certain regions of the
world. The book gives a great tribute to this great and sometimes forgotten mode of transport. The observations and analysis presented in this book will give readers a broad view and understanding of the importance of railway heritage to tourism.

Anatolia, 26:3, 489-490

To many people, railway travel encapsulates a romantic era of tourism, spanning little more than a century before being pushed sideways by the automobile and jet aircraft. This wonderful book belies this perception!! Rail travel as heritage is alive and well in contemporary tourism and these fascinating accounts illustrate the durability of this bewitching form of transport.

Tom Baum, University of Strathclyde, UK

The editors have brought together a fascinating collection of cases from around the world that provide both practical and theoretical perspectives on the history, growth, challenges of heritage railways, offering insights into the sector's sustainability. For many of us railfans, myself included, this book also speaks personally to the importance of heritage railways as a vehicle for self-actualization and the expansion of one's individual world, both real and imaginary.

John S. Hull, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

Michael V. Conlin is a professor in the Okanagan School of Business, Canada. His research focuses on cultural and heritage tourism and industrial cultural heritage. Recent publications include Mining Heritage and Tourism (edited with L. Jolliffe, 2011).

Geoffrey R. Bird is a professor at Royal Roads University, Canada. His research interests include cultural and heritage tourism and remembrance tourism. He is the co-author of Transforming Communities through Tourism (with C. Fisher, B. White & T. Hood, 2009).

Section 1: Introduction 
1. Michael Conlin and Geoffrey Bird: Railway Heritage and Tourism: Themes, Issues and Trends 
Section 2: Issues, Themes, and Trends 
2. Bradford Hudson: Railway Hotels: From Infrastructure to Destination 
3. Kyle Stefanovic and Rhonda Koster: Railfans and Railway Heritage Tourism 
4. Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing: The Magic of Trains and Travel in Children's Stories 
5. Kim Lemky, Lee Jolliffe and Michael Conlin: Railway Heritage for the Cruise Market 
6. Josephine Pryce: Safety on the Line: Balancing Authentic Experiences against Risks and Hazards 
7. Arianne Reis and Carla Jellum: New Zealand Rail Trails: Heritage Tourism Attractions and Rural Communities 
8. James Porterfield: The Dining Car's Contribution to Railroad Heritage Tourism 
9. Ian Chaplin: Revitalizing Community Values through Railway Regeneration in the Asia Pacific Region: A Tourism Research and Education Approach 
Section 3: National and Regional Railway Heritage Tourism 
10. Carla Conceicao Lana Fraga, Marcio Peixoto de Sequeira Santos and Sergio de Castro Ribeiro: Railroad Tourism in Brazil 
11. Blanca Camargo, Marel Morales, C Gabriela Garza, and Gloria Sens: Railway Tourism: An Opportunity to Diversify Tourism in Mexico 
12. Fredrick Collison: The Grand Canyon Railway 
13. Joan Henderson: Railways as Heritage Attractions: The Malaysia-Singapore Line 
14. Philipp Boksberger and Martin Sturzenegger: The Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes: A Masterpiece of Railway Engineering 
15. Leanne White: Regional Railway Revival: Connecting Heritage and Tourism in the Spa Centre of Australia 
16. Libo Yan and Xingcheng Zhuang: The Future of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway: A Political Economic Perspective 
17. William Found: The St. Kitts Scenic Railway: A Journey Into an Island's Heritage 
18. Michael Conlin and Bruce Prideaux: The Future of Railway Heritage Tourism? The West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania 
Section 4: Conclusion 
19. Geoffrey Bird and Michael Conlin: No Terminus in Sight: New Horizons for Heritage Railways 

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