Film-Induced Tourism

Author: Sue Beeton

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This research-based monograph presents an introduction to the concept of film-induced tourism, building on the work of the seminal first edition. Many new case studies exploring the relationship between film and TV and tourism have been added and existing cases have been updated. The book incorporates studies on film studio theme parks, the impact of film-induced tourism on communities and the effect of film on tourists' behaviour. It introduces new content including film-induced tourism in non-Western cultures, movie tours and contents tourism. The book is an essential resource for postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of tourism, film and media studies.

Sue Beeton has produced a seminal book on film-induced tourism, describing in a clear and stimulating way how this exciting research field has evolved over the years. While different theoretical approaches to film-induced tourism are discussed, most chapters leave from a practical, business-based perspective. This combination makes her book not only interesting but highly relevant as well.

This edition of Sue Beeton's book is truly the only reference you will need to understand film tourism in all its complexities and subtleties. Expanded, updated, more conceptually robust and more case studies makes the book a must read.

This new edition of Sue Beeton's landmark volume is much more than a book on film-induced tourism studies. It is not only the world's latest handbook to understand the puzzling phenomena of tourism in the very complex media environment of the 21st century, but also potentially one of the most important reference books to study how destination management, community planning and intercultural communication should function in the advanced information society of the future.

Sue Beeton's new edition of Film-Induced Tourism provides a necessary and fresh outlook while being simultaneously complex, well researched and entertaining.

Journal of Tourism Futures, 2018

...this is an excellent book which succeeds in untangling the many and varied
tourism aspects of film and television and effortlessly combines applied theory, academic reflection and personal insight with considerable panache. This accessible book is required reading for anyone wanting to develop research in this area and certainly for academics who are keen to incorporate film tourism within a module or indeed to develop a teaching resource around the topic.

Tourism Planning & Development, 14:3, 443-445

Owing to its scientific grounds, the book is a must-have for researchers in the field of creative industries and cultural tourism development, but its simplicity of language complemented with good practice examples makes it highly recommendable also to cultural tourism practitioners and planners.

Culturelink, May 2017

Sue Beeton is Professor of Tourism and Foundation Chair of the College of Eminent Professors, William Angliss Institute, Australia. She has worked in the field for over 25 years and her research interests are film tourism, contents tourism, community development and public land management. Her research has been published widely and her most recent book is Travel, Tourism and the Moving Image (2015).

Introduction to the Second Edition

Part One: Introduction to Film-Induced Tourism

1. Popular Media and Tourism

2. Perspectives on Film-Induced Tourism

Part Two: Film-Induced Tourism On Location

3. Film Images and Destination Marketing

4. Film and Place Promotion

5. Effects on Tourism

6. Effects on Community

7. Film-Induced Tourism and Community Planning

Part Three: Off-Location Film Studio Tourism

8.  From Themed Events to Film Studios

9. Film Studio Theme Park Success and Failings

Part Four: Conclusion

10. Emerging Issues and Future Directions

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