Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism

Author: Sheela Agarwal, Gareth Shaw

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This book examines the main issues and concepts relating to heritage, screen and literary tourism (HSLT) and provides a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of these three forms of tourism in the context of global tourism development. It analyses the demand and supply of HSLT within the frameworks provided by service-dominant logic and value creation to enable a critical perspective on how HSLT tourist experiences are created, produced and shaped. The volume explores the challenges which relate to the role of the consumer in the co-creation of the tourist experience, and the implications this has for the development, marketing, interpretation, consumption, planning and management of HSLT. It will appeal to researchers and students of heritage tourism, film and literary tourism, media-driven tourism, tourism planning and destination development and management. 

By linking literature and film with heritage and expressing it in terms of tourism, this publication presents a significant addition to the tourism literature and one with which all scholars need to be familiar. Agarwal and Shaw have provided us with a comprehensive and well-argued analysis which adds to our knowledge and sets the scene for further studies in other cultural contexts.

Sue Beeton, William Angliss Institute, Australia

The strength of this volume lies in its bringing together, conceptually and critically, the inter-linked areas of heritage, literary and screen tourism. The theoretical discussion provides a valuable and much needed framework from which to explore the considerable number of issues and examples that are discussed in the book, and will be of great value to future researchers in this field.

Richard Butler, Emeritus, University of Strathclyde, UK

This text is a fascinating and innovative exploration of heritage, screen and literary tourism. It offers an entirely new and contemporary perspective, placing tourist interactions and experiences at its heart. The authors' expertise enables them to offer a critical reflection on a range of important areas of heritage, screen and literary tourism – demand, development, interpretation, consumption, marketing, and management – and also to significantly develop discourse and theoretical aspects in this important area. An excellent and timely text.

Adele Ladkin, Bournemouth University, UK

Professors Agarwal and Shaw combine the tourism typologies of heritage tourism, screen tourism and literary tourism in the one book. In contrast to some edited books that contain a collection of, sometimes, descriptive case studies, this book theoretically underpins the topics discussed by using the notions of service-dominant logic and value co-creation (Vargo & Lusch,2008, p. 272) by recognizing that value is a 'negotiated construct which is created on an individual basis and which is made up of pleasure, imagination and fulfilment.' This provides theoretical
gravitas to the book and is applied to numerous examples of heritage, screen and
literary tourism.

Tourism Geographies, 2018

Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism [...] is the first existent book dealing with heritage, screen, and literary tourism together. These concepts are strongly linked, but in the academic texts usually considered separately. Considering all sub-types of tourism in one book represents an additional value of Agarwal & Shaw's book and makes it a must read for researchers and students interested in HSLT.

TIMS Acta, 13

Sheela Agarwal is Professor in Tourism Management at the University of Plymouth, UK. Her research interests include socio-economic dynamics of seaside resorts, deprivation and disadvantage, heritage identities and dissonance, persuasion and crime prevention. 

Gareth Shaw is Professor in Retail and Tourism Management at the University of Exeter, UK. His current research interests include innovation and behaviour change, tourism and wellbeing, and ecosystems. 

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The Authors      

1. Heritage Tourism: Exploring the Screen and Literary Nexus

2. Demand and Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism Markets

3. The Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism Debate

4. Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism Development

5. Interpretation for Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism

6. Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism Consumption

7. The Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism Nexus within Tourism Marketing

8. Visitor Management for Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism

9. Conclusion


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