Heritage and Sport: An Introduction

Author: Gregory Ramshaw

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This book provides a holistic view of the relationship between heritage and sport. It examines four types of sport heritage: tangible immovable sport heritage (sports venues, monuments and memorials, landscapes); tangible movable sport heritage (museums and halls of fame, events, living sport heritage); intangible sport heritage (intangibility of sport heritage, institutions, existential); and goods and services with a sport heritage component (tourism, marketing, management). It offers both theoretical and applied approaches to the heritage–sport relationship and intersects with many contemporary topics in heritage, sport, tourism, events and marketing. It will be useful to students and researchers in sport tourism, sport studies, heritage studies, sport history, museum studies and sports management.

This engaging and accessible book offers a thought-provoking overview of a subject that continues to grow in both industry and academia. It maps out with clarity, not only the many manifestations of sport related heritage, but also the countless issues and debates that emanate from them. There is little doubt that it will appeal to those who have a passion for sport and/or heritage, as well as to those new to this fascinating area of research.

Sean Gammon, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Studiously researched and richly illustrated with an impressive breadth of case material, Ramshaw offers fascinating insights into a powerful but hitherto much neglected relationship between heritage and sport, striking a fine balance between theoretical and applied insights that will be appreciated by the wide readership that this book deserves.

James Higham, University of Otago, New Zealand

This book delivers a richly illustrated and clearly written exploration of the changing dynamics of the heritage field and its relationship to sport. Drawing from diverse understandings of heritage, and with a focus on sporting venues, memorials, sportscapes, memorabilia, events, living heritage, memories and affective experience, the volume interrogates the relationships between heritage and sport in operation across everyday lives, nations and in flow across national boundaries.

Emma Waterton, Western Sydney University, Australia

This is an excellent addition to the existing sports heritage literature, which I would
argue, over the past decade, has become more/greater than a sum of its parts. It is written in a manner that is interesting, informative and inclusive. The book does exactly what is was intended to do by providing a source of ideas and inspiration, as well as a launchpad for further research.

Journal of Sport & Tourism, 2020

Gregory Ramshaw is an Associate Professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Clemson University, USA. His research focuses on the social construction and cultural production of heritage, particularly in sport-based settings.

Chapter 1. The Relationship Between Heritage and Sport

Part 1 – Tangible Immovable Sport Heritage

Chapter 2. Sports Venues and Sport Heritage

Chapter 3. Monuments, Memorials, and Sport Heritage

Chapter 4. Landscapes and Sport Heritage 

Part 2 – Tangible Movable Sport Heritage

Chapter 5. Sports Museums, Sports Halls of Fame, and Sport Heritage

Chapter 6. Events and Sport Heritage

Chapter 7. Living Sport Heritage

Part 3 – Intangible Sport Heritage

Chapter 8. Intangibility and Sport Heritage

Chapter 9. Institutions and Sport Heritage

Chapter 10. Existential Sport Heritage

Part 4 – Goods and Services with a Sport Heritage Component

Chapter 11. Tourism and Sport Heritage

Chapter 12. Marketing and Sport Heritage

Chapter 13. Managing Sport Heritage


Chapter 14. Future Directions in Sport Heritage

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