Tourism Economics and Policy

Author: Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth, Wayne Dwyer

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Since the publication of the first edition of this seminal textbook, the tourism economics landscape has undergone many changes. In this concise revised edition, the authors have incorporated new approaches and ideas influencing tourism economics and policy. This includes discussions of the implications of the sharing economy and its effect on industry structure in accommodation and transport, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that are being increasingly employed in tourism forecasting. It also includes new material on surface and marine transport, resident quality of life issues, the price mechanism, the economic contribution of tourism, tourism and economic growth, and tourism and sustainable development. It remains an important and accessible text for students, researchers and practitioners in tourism economics and tourism policy.

This second edition shows that the authors have been continuously improving the relevance and readability of the text with the latest research findings in tourism economics. It is very well written and the flow and logic of the writing is appropriate and easily accessible for students, researchers and practitioners.

Haiyan Song, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

This revised edition covers a wide range of key topics in tourism economics updated to reflect latest trends in scholarship. The book provides students and researchers with tools to understand the latest changes affecting the tourism industry globally and to support private and public sector decision making to deliver desirable economic outcomes.

Neelu Seetaram, University of Huddersfield, UK

I am pleased to recommend the second edition of Tourism Economics and Policy. This textbook is a rich resource for students, practitioners and scholars who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding on the subjects of tourism and economics. It provides a comprehensive picture of the main operations and activities in the tourism industry.

Mark Anthony Camilleri, University of Malta, Malta

Larry Dwyer is Visiting Research Professor at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. He is also Adjunct Professor at Griffith University, Australia and University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Peter Forsyth is Adjunct Professor, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Wayne Dwyer is a former Senior Lecturer in economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

Part 1 Tourism Demand and Supply

Chapter 1. The Demand for Tourism

Chapter 2. Tourism Supply

Chapter 3. The Price Mechanism

Chapter 4. Tourism and Market Structure

Chapter 5. Strategic Pricing in Tourism

Part 2 Tourism Forecasting

Chapter 6. Forecasting Tourism Demand

Part 3 Tourism's Economic Contribution and Economic Impacts

Chapter 7. Economic Contribution of Tourism

Chapter 8. Measuring Economic Contribution: Tourism Satellite Accounts

Chapter 9. Economic Impacts of Tourism

Chapter 10. Economic Evaluation of Special Events

Part 4 Tourism Investment and Taxation

Chapter 11. Investment by Tourism Firms

Chapter 12. Investment in Tourism Infrastructure

Chapter 13. Taxation of Tourism

Part 5 Tourism and transport

Chapter 14. Tourism and Transport

Part 6 Tourism and the Environment

Chapter 15. Valuing Tourism's Environmental Effects

Chapter 16. Economic Instruments and Environmental Protection in Tourism

Part 7 Tourism, Growth and Sustainability

Chapter 17. Tourism and Economic Growth

Chapter 18. Tourism and Sustainable Development

Part 8 Destination Competitiveness

Chapter 19. Destination Competitiveness

Part 9 Future Directions

Chapter 20. Future Directions in Tourism Economics

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