Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An Introduction

Author: Dallen J. Timothy

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Cultural heritage is one of the most important tourism resources in the world. This book provides a comprehensive theoretical overview and applied knowledge of the issues, practices, current debates, concepts and management concerns associated with cultural heritage-based tourism. The second edition has been updated to include timely and emerging topics such as geopolitics, conflict, solidarity tourism, overtourism and climate change. It also expands on important areas such as environmental change, technology, social media, heritage economics, Indigenous knowledge and co-created experiences. This edition includes up-to-date data, statistics, references, case material, figures and pedagogical tools. It remains an important and accessible text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of cultural and heritage tourism, cultural resource management, and museum management.

Professor Dallen Timothy is one of the world's most eminent scholars in the field of cultural heritage tourism. Using an articulate but accessible style, he covers a comprehensive range of pertinent themes from the basics of heritage management to complex issues of authenticity and the interpretation of the contested past. This book provides invaluable material for Cultural Tourism and Heritage Management courses at all levels.

Melanie Kay Smith, Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary

This thought-provoking, comprehensive book, written by 'unashamedly, a self-proclaimed heritage fanatic' will assist students, scholars and practitioners to understand, conceptualize and effectively and responsibly manage cultural heritage. Those interested in participating in the academic discussion about cultural heritage tourism, recognizing it as a complex multidimensional phenomenon, must read this clear, well-structured and readable book.

Yaniv Poria, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Dallen Timothy's second edition of Cultural Heritage and Tourism is a must-read book on heritage, given the accessible style and breadth and depth with which the topic is dealt. The book is an up-to-date synthesis of key thinking on this area, written by an acknowledged expert on heritage tourism.

Stephen J. Page, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Dallen J. Timothy is Professor, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, USA. He is editor of the Journal of Heritage Tourism and his most recent book publication is Archaeology and Tourism: Touring the Past (2020, co-edited with Lina G. Tahan). His tourism research interests include heritage, geopolitics, religious travel, and empowerment.

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1. Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Part 1

2. Consumption of Culture: Heritage Demand and Experience

3. The Heritage Supply: Attractions and Services

4. Spatial Perspectives and Heritage Resources

5. Looking for Something Real: Heritage, Tourism and Elusive Authenticity

6. Tourism and the Politics of Heritage

7. The Need to Conserve the Past: The Impacts of Tourism

8. Protective Legislation and Conservation Organizations

9. Protecting the Past for Today: Heritage Conservation and Tourism

10. Telling the Story: Interpreting the Past for Visitors

11. Planning Principles, Sustainability and Cultural Heritage Destinations

12. Marketing the Past for Today

13. Raising Revenue and Managing Visitors

Part 2

14. Museums: Keepers of the Past

15. Archaeological Sites and Ancient Monuments

16. Landscapes of the Elite and the Ordinary

17. The Industrial Past

18. Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

19. Diasporas, Roots and Personal Heritage Tourism

20. Living Heritage, Intangible Culture and Indigenous People

21. Dark Tourism: Atrocity and Human Suffering

22. Conclusions: The Future of the Past



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