Language Planning and Policy: Issues in Language Planning and Literacy

Edited by: Anthony J. Liddicoat

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While literacy has always been central to language planning work, there are fewer studies which focus primarily on literacy as a language planning activity. Often planning for literacy is treated as an aspect of status, corpus or language-in-education planning, rather than addressing literate practice itself as a planning objective. This volume investigates the complex issues and social and political pressures relating to literacy in a variety of language planning contexts around the world. The studies presented in this book examine language planning for literacy in official and vernacular languages and address issues relating to literacy in first and additional languages in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific. As a collection, these studies show that language planning for literacy is not simply a matter of planning a written version of a language, but involves more complex questions relating to the nature and practice of literacy and the power relations which exist within societies.

This collection serves as a valuable resource that demonstrates local language planning for literacy in action. This timely collection makes a useful contribution to the growing body of language planning literature and will serve as a useful reference to illustrate the complex connections between literacy and language planning.

the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 32, Issue 3.

Anthony J. Liddicoat is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures Education in the School of International Studies at the University of South Australia. His research interests include: language and intercultural issues in education, conversation analysis, and language policy and planning

1. Introduction: Literacy and Language Planning - Anthony J. Liddicoat
2. Language Planning for Literacy: Issues and Implications - Anthony J Liddicoat
3. Early Literacy Policy: National and Local Instantiations - Lisa Patel Stephens
4. Language Planning and Literacy in Kenya: Living with Unresolved Paradoxes - Margaret Jepkirui Mutthwi
5. Conceptions of Literacy in Canadian Immigrant Language Training - Ellen Cray and Pat Currie
6. Singapore's Literacy Policy and its Conflicting Ideologies - Catherine Chua
7. Rethinking Language Planning and Policy from the Ground Up: Refashioning Institutional Realities and Human Lives - Vaidehi Ramanathan
8. Legislating Literacy for Linguistic and Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary China - Minglang Zhao
9. Vernaculars in Literacy and Basic Education in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - Kimmo Kosonen
10. Literacy in Pidgin and Creole Languages - Jeff Siegal
11. The Consequences of Vernacular (Il)literacy in the Pacific - Terry Crowley
12. Literacy in a Dying Language: The Case of Kuot, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea - Eva Lindström
13. Vernacular Literacy in the Touo Language of the Solomon Islands - Michael Dunn
14. Is it Aulua or Education Dressed up in Kastom?: A Report on the Ongoing Negotiation of Literacy and Identity in a Ni Vanuatu Community - Martin Paviour-Smith
15. Bridging the Gap: The Development of Appropriate Educational Strategies for Minority Language Communities in the Philippines - Diane Dekker and Catherine Young
16. Literacy and Language-in-Education Policy in Bidialectal Settings - Andreas Papapavlou and Pavlos Pavlou 

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