Tourism and Cultural Change

Series Editors:
Mike Robinson (University of Birmingham, UK)
Alison Phipps (University of Glasgow, UK)

Understanding tourism’s relationships with culture(s), and vice versa, is of ever-increasing significance in a globalising world. Tourism and Cultural Change is a series of books that critically examine the complex and ever-changing relationship between tourism and culture(s). The series focuses on the ways that places, peoples, pasts, and ways of life are increasingly shaped, transformed, created and packaged for touristic purposes. The series examines the ways tourism utilises/makes and re-makes cultural capital in its various guises (visual and performing arts, crafts, festivals, built heritage, cuisine etc.) and the multifarious political, economic, social and ethical issues that are raised as a consequence. Theoretical explorations, research-informed analyses and detailed historical reviews from a variety of disciplinary perspectives are invited to consider such relationships.

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

Proposals for the series are welcome and should be submitted to Sarah Williams. Please read our notes about how to submit a book proposal.

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Jacket Image For: Gay Tourism

Gay Tourism

New Perspectives

Jacket Image For: The Impact of Tourism in East Africa

The Impact of Tourism in East Africa

A Ruinous System

Jacket Image For: Tourism Paradoxes

Tourism Paradoxes

Contradictions, Controversies and Challenges

Jacket Image For: Tourism and Brexit

Tourism and Brexit

Travel, Borders and Identity

Jacket Image For: Archaeology and Tourism

Archaeology and Tourism

Touring the Past

Jacket Image For: Roads, Tourism and Cultural History

Roads, Tourism and Cultural History

On the Road in Australia

Jacket Image For: Tourism and Memories of Home

Tourism and Memories of Home

Migrants, Displaced People, Exiles and Diasporic Communities

Jacket Image For: Heritage Tourism in China

Heritage Tourism in China

Modernity, Identity and Sustainability

Jacket Image For: Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

From Object to Narrative